in this collaboration we wanted to imitate the function of an old TV that needed a hit to see it working and showing the clear video. we are using open Frameworks for making the glitch and blurry footage on our TV. so we used an ultra sonic distance sensor that changes the blurry effect of […]

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For Negotiating with objects and also questioning the interaction, Ambox recognizes the presence of human and with sentience turns off the attention. The idea of the project is to fall between intelligence and telematics, and flip the human interaction from objects view. Major Studio II project, Spring 2015 /Nima Behravan and Alex Dinsmore // Parsons […]

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PhotoBook Tehran is presented simultaneously in New York City and Tehran with the goal of opening up conversations about photography and book making. A number of newly-acquired photobooks from Iran will be exhibited in the Library of the International Center for Photography in New York while Mohammadreza Mirzaei curates an exhibition of photobooks at Sazmanab […]


Interaction Design

Empathytis This project was a collaboration for Prototype for an environment  which enhances emotional contagion, connectivity and mindfulness between people. The discussed areas for concept development were creation of empathy in self and others, confronting duality in personality, ambiguity/bittersweetness and mass empathy. Parts: Head : Contains polarized 2-way mirror that distorts vision differently when looked […]

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New Been

Final Major Studio Project Fall 2014 Documentation blog: Website : The New Studio is my final project of Major Studio I at Parsons The New School for Design. This social network aims to build an infrastructure for students to share their work with their peers. This medium will serve as liaison between students, faculty […]

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Freelance Web Development project: Client: SPS Worldwide purpose: re-design of website look and creating CMS wireframes:     old look of website: new design of website: [to be updated soon]   web development for PhotoBook Tehran initiative. (click on the picture for more info) web development for New Been, a new platform project at The New […]



Born October 4th, 1988 in Tonekabon, Iran. Nima currently resides in Brooklyn and is now pursuing MFA of Design and Technology at Parsons The New School for Design and eagerly works on Interaction Design with the great interest on tangible media. He also holds a master of Engineering Management from University of Southern California. Nima is […]

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